How does ESTIMATING-ME work out a cost for the Tender/Works?

You send us the drawings, specifications and any other relevant information relating to the Project. After a review we send you back a price to complete the bid along with the proposal of what we will return. Our aim is to have a price back within 24 Hours to allow you to make a quick decision. 

What type of detail can we expect back with the Tender?

This depends on your requirement however if you are looking for a fully completed Tender, you will receive the following information to help assist you with your bid.

    1. Fully Detailed Count and Measure
    2. Summary of Tender Completed awaiting final review from the client
    3. Notes against each line item of the Summary Tender including Suppliers Used, Assumptions Made and Potential Value Engineering Items seen
    4. A list of notes to be sent back with the Tender Letter
    5. A 2 Hour Long Tender Handover to allow key stake holders make their decision on the bid. (This may change depending on the size of the Project but will be built into the cost)
How are quoted items handled?

We will put together the quoted items packages (Drawings, Specifications, Schedules etc.) and send back to you for issuing. This is a more efficient way and allows more Supplier/Vendor control for you. 

Where does ESTIMATING-ME get the Labour Norms which they use in the Tender?

Our Labour Norms are built from years of experience and from speaking to clients. We can adopt difficulty factors if we feel our norms do not suit the Project Requirements. 

Who finalises the Tender/Bid?

You finalise the Tender/Bid however we will have completed all the works and as noted above give a detailed handover to allow this process to be as easy as possible. 

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