Mechanical And Electrical Estimating

Our Team of experience Estimators will take your Project from Tender Request Stage right through to Final Submission. As part of our Service we will provide the following:

  • Mid Tender RFI’s
  • Quotation Requests to Specified Suppliers and Sub-Contractors
  • Sectional Break Downs inline with the Summary of Tender, with information against each section including Suppliers Used, Assumptions Made, Method of Installation allowed and Potential VE on the Project
  • A fully costed line Item break down
  • Notes to be sent back with the Tender
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Our Team of Expert Estimators have used their experience over time to develop a comprehensive training programme. This training programme is a 6 Month – 1/2 Day a Week Course and will take students from zero estimating knowledge to Junior Estimators. The course can be attended by anyone who is interested in upskilling however it is mainly aimed at the following people:

  • Electricians/Plumbers/Fitters in the Final Stages of Apprenticeships looking for a move into an office based role
  • Current Construction Main Contracting Estimators looking to move into the M&E Arena
  • Junior Personnel in M&E Contractors who have been earmarked as potential future Estimators
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M&E Project Surveying

If you are successful on the Projects we have Tendered we can offer a Quantity Surveying Service to help take these Projects from Tender Award to Final Account. We will provide the following services as part of the cost:

  • Tender Hand Over to Contract Team
  • Building of the Labour and Material Budgets
  • Tracking of the Budgets and Project Costs
  • Managing Variation Accounts
  • Cost Reporting through out the Project and Managing Final Accounts
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Operation and Maintenance Manuals are a major factor in terms of closing Final Account Payments.
O&M’s can be very time consuming and can take valuable time away from experienced staff within an organisation. ESTIMATING-ME will help to pull together the O&M Manuals including chasing down Tech Submittals, As Built Drawings, Project Certification and other required documentation. We will then put this all together in a structured format in both Hard and Soft Copies for presenting to Clients.

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One of the most daunting things for M&E Contractors on Projects is the Sub-Contract which they have been requested to sign up to. Pages and Pages of Contractual Clauses and Lawyer jargon which seems to lead you around in circles when all you really want to do is get onto site, build the project and deliver for the client. Our In House Construction Law Specialist has over 15 years experience of dealing with all forms of Contracts including PWC, RIAI and CIF. As part of our service we will provide:

  • A full review of the Contract
  • A detailed review of onerous clauses and comments/responses suggested
  • We will also guide you through the negotiation stage and will help get you onto the project with fairer contract conditions
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